Our Equipment

Specialized Drilling Equipment
Atlantic Caisson offers a variety of specialized equipment for various drilling needs in straight shaft, belled shaft and slurry procedures; including Self Contained Track Mounted, Truck Mounted, Low Clearance, and Crane Mounted drilling equipment. Whether the project is a building, bridge, or tower Atlantic has the right equipment for your job.

  • Watson 3110 Track Mounted Drill Rig

  • Watson 3100 Track Mounted Drill Rigs

  • Watson 2500 Track Mounted Drill Rig

  • Watson 3100 Truck Mounted Drill Rig

  • Texoma 700 Truck Mounted Drill Rig

  • Low Clearance Drill Rigs

  • 98 Link Belt Crawler Cranes

  • 108 Link Belt Crawler Cranes

  • 118 Link Belt Crawler Cranes

  • 138 Link Belt Crawler Cranes

  • 318 Link Belt Crawler Crane

  • P & H - CN145 Rubber Tire Hydraulic Crane

  • Drill Attachments for Cranes

    • Stratas
    • Watson 5000's
    • Calweld 155's

  • CAT Track Loaders and Excavators